8th Grade Promotion Ceremony (English/Spanish)....

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It may be hard to believe, but your eighth-grader is now in his or her final semester at East Chicago Middle School at Block!  As the time for graduation is quickly approaching we want to make sure you are reminded and aware of the eligibility criteria for every eighth-grade student.

Please be advised that participation in our graduation ceremony is a privilege and not a right.  At East Chicago Middle School at Block, we have established clear academic and behavior expectations which must be met by all students. 

If any of the following criteria applies to your eighth-grader, he or she will NOT be allowed to participate in graduation or any end-of-the-year activities:

  • Has accumulated three or more suspensions during the 2016-17 sy
  • Does not have at least a “C” in all core classes (English, Math, Soc. Studies, Science)
  • Fails to meet our 95% attendance rate policy
  • Has been placed on the “No Fly” list for three grading periods
  • Receives an ineligibility recommendation from team teachers

If your eighth-grader meets our eligibility requirements and will be attending graduation, the date is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, June 6, 2017 in the gymnasium.  Each student will be issued two tickets to invite family and friends.  All students will be required to wear a cap and gown for graduation.  In addition, all young men will be required to wear dress pants and shoes, and young ladies will be required to wear black or white dress shoes.

The eighth-grade luncheon and dance will be held during the week of June 4th.  A price list for all end-of-the-year expenses will be forthcoming.

If you have any questions and or concerns, please feel free to contact one of the administrators at your earliest convenience.





Dee Etta Wright

Estimados Padres/Guardianes,

Puede ser difícil de creer, pero su estudiante de octavo grado está ahora en su último semestre en la Escuela Intermedia de East Chicago en Block! A medida que el tiempo para la graduación se está acercando rápidamente, queremos asegurarnos de que se le recuerde y esté al tanto de los criterios de elegibilidad para cada estudiante de octavo grado.

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que la participación en nuestra ceremonia de graduación es un privilegio y no un derecho.  En la Escuela Intermedia de East Chicago en Block, hemos establecido claras expectativas académicas y de comportamiento que deben ser cumplidas por todos los estudiantes

Si cualquiera de los siguientes criterios se aplica a su estudiante de octavo grado, NO se le permitirá participar en la graduación o en actividades de fin de año:

  • Ha acumulado tres o más suspensiones durante el 2016-17 sy
    • No tiene al menos un "C" en todas las clases principales (Inglés, Matemáticas, Estudios Sociales, Ciencias)
    • No cumple con nuestra política de asistencia de 95%
    • Se ha incluido en la lista "No Fly" durante tres períodos de calificación
    • Recibe una recomendación de inelegibilidad de los maestros de equipo

Si su hijo de octavo grado cumple con nuestros requisitos de elegibilidad y asistirá a la graduación, la fecha está tentativamente programada para el martes 6 de Junio de 2017 en el gimnasio. Cada estudiante recibirá dos boletos para invitar a familiares y amigos. A todos los estudiantes se les requerirá usar gorro y bata para graduarse. Además, a todos los hombres jóvenes se les requerirá llevar pantalones y zapatos, y las damas jóvenes deberán usar zapatos de vestir negros o blancos.

El almuerzo y el baile del octavo grado se llevarán a cabo durante la semana del 4 de Junio. Una lista de precios para todos los gastos de fin de año será próxima.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud, no dude en ponerse en contacto con uno de los administradores lo más pronto posible.


Dee Etta Wright



Principal's Message


Principal - Ms. Dee-Etta Wright

Assistant Principal - Ms. Simona Martin

We pride ourselves on being a learning environment.


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the start of a new school year at East Chicago Middle School (ECMS) at Block. This school year your child will experience a positive school culture and climate unlike any previous year. Due to the merger of both middle schools in the district, and past experiences, there may be concerns and/or skepticism regarding the outcome and success of ECMS. Please be assured that as Principal of ECMS, I have purposefully and thoughtfully planned a school year that focuses on the safety and academic achievement of your child.  

Your child’s safety is our number one priority.  Our building has been adequately equipped with the human resources, facilities, policies, and procedures that foster a safe, learning environment. The newly revised student handbook specifically outlines ECMS’s procedures and protocols.  You will soon receive a copy of this handbook, and we are asking that you read and discuss the Student Code of Conduct with your child.  In addition, your child will receive thorough instructions on protocols and procedures the first week of school.

ECMS is committed to providing a quality education and optimal learning.  Our school’s theme is, “This is a learning environment”. Therefore, our daily functions and interactions will resonate clearly under this premise. Administrators will conduct daily classroom and building walkthroughs to focus on student learning and behavior.  I also encourage your involvement in your child’s education by monitoring your child’s progress on RDS (grades will be updated weekly), frequently visiting our school website, volunteering in the building, and scheduling meetings with teachers and administration.  Additionally, all core teachers (ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science) will give homework 2-3 times a week.  Lastly, there will be ample opportunities for after school tutoring. 

In conclusion, I will make every effort to ensure your child receives a quality education in a safe, learning environment at East Chicago Middle School. I also look forward to your support in developing a positive, successful school year.


Dee-Etta Wright

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